Sometimes You Just Have To Say Thank You

I know I have not put a blog up for a while. With everything going on I have forgotten to keep up.  But I thought it was worth mentioning how sometimes great friends can come by and say wonderful things that lift you up and keep you moving forward.  This quote that I am about to post is from a friend I met fifteen years ago. From the moment I met him he showed me how having dreams and being positive could get you anywhere.  I also would like to say what an honor it is to know him as he is in the Navy; and with having to leave his family to do his job for our country he still finds the time to pass on positive words.  Sometimes it is nice to say thank you to the ones that thanklessly give themselves to better you.  So thank you Mr. Izzy for always being so encouraging.


Here is a little of what was written to me

“You have become such an amazing artist, from the first day I met you, you have always had such a special aire about you! I am so happy that you have found something to seem to love doing. Awesome Mom, Awesome person .. just amazing at everything you do … go get em kid.”

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