Family Pictures can always be a great way to capture memories, especially when you have three boys growing up under one roof.  I have come to know this family very well over the last three years and have seen how each of these children has grown.  I was honored to be able to photograph the newest and smallest member of the family last month.  You can tell how much these brothers love their very new little brother.  I have to say that with children we forget that it is important to capture life’s important moments no matter how small they may seem to be.  With the first child you seem to have thousands of photos.  You have photos from when they were first sleeping to when they first help a spoon to the first time they covered them self in diaper cream.  You may laugh but my own son did this; it was funny and yes I did grab my camera to snap a few pictures before I washed him off.  Then comes the second child and the pictures become less and by the time the next children come they almost seem non-existent.

I have to say this photo session was great because it was to be candid and capture each of their personalities which their mom said it did.  Photographs are great for the home because when friends or strangers come in they can see how much you care about the people around you.   So with summer upon us don’t forget to pull out your cameras and start snapping pictures.  Or you can book a session with Me and I can follow your little ones around for the day and see what great pictures we come up with.



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