Walk Backwards

Walk Backwards

Photography – I have to say that I love photography; the pictures; the people; the way it all comes together in the end. It is my passion, something I do every day.  I drive and see something that would be a great picture and have to pull over and take it.  Even if it means scaling under barbwire; which I have been known to do.  My son is usually with me and has developed an eye for this as well.  I have to say he is with me a lot when I go out and scout for new locations for my next shoot and I feel I am passing down some of what I know to him.

It is funny because my father is the one who taught me about cameras.  I remember sitting with him as he cleaned his camera or lenses and would always ask him what the letters and numbers meant.  He would always explain them to me, many times over.  While recently we had my grandfather pass we were going through old pictures that were in a box and low and behold guess what I found.  A picture of my grandmother and guess where she was, she was in a dark room.  Who would have thought, I never knew and was overjoyed when I learned that she too was a photographer.  She moved to California to work in an art department and specifically for the photography department.  Now my grandmother never told us any of this; she was to say a very reserved woman.  But it does explain why she always made us pose for pictures.  All those years I thought I was being tortured to stand and take pictures in front of her house, in front of the roses, even in front of the car.  Little did I know she was actually using a talent she loved and for some reason never told us.

It’s funny when you love something so very much and have a passion that is almost instinctual and have no idea why.  All these years I thought it was from my dad but I guess my grandma passed it on to him without even my own father knowing. And now I seem to be doing the same thing to my own son.  Four generations of taking pictures; who knows maybe the next generation will come out with a camera taking pictures of us.  All I have  to say is thank you grandma for these great photos that you kept hidden all these years.  I will treasure them and put you right up with all the other great photos I take to remember that you must have added a little something into how I view the world through a lens.

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