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Equipment Used: Camera = Canon EOS 7D SLR; Canon G12, Flash = 430EX II Speedlite TTL, Lenses = 2.0x Teleconverter High Definition; .40X Super Wide Fisheye; EF 50mm f/1.8 II; EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II; 500mm F8.0 Telephoto Lens AND 70-200MM; .45X Wide Angle; Adapter Tube 58mm, 2.0X Telephoto; Hard Lens Hood; Filters (Color/ Fisheye) Along with many other lenses and filters.

Prints are available for purchase, contact me for more information
Session pricing depends on setting/type of photos that are needed, please inquire and I will get back with you with an estimate and availability.

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Why a Pro?

What Is Custom Photography

The photographic art you choose to place on your wall is ultimately the result of the vision of the photographer. This vision, coupled with what you wear to your session, the environment, the lighting, even the mood the subjects are in at the time of photographing creates the work that you will want to proudly display on your walls forevermore.

Your first step in the process is more about determining who you are, who your family is and then seeking a photographer that reflects your style. For instance let’s say your family is extremely outdoorsy and loves playing on the beach. You start determining what style you like, browse through photography website portfolios and determine if any of the styles exhibited there would be a good fit with your life and family style. You have already determined that you should probably seek out a beach type photographer (that is if you live near a beach) and then begin narrowing the field down a bit.

Finally after a bit of internet research, you have narrowed it down to two photographers who do what seems like solid work, the sort of outdoor beach look you desire.  It is now time to ask yourself: Do you like photographer A’s style over photographer B’s style? Is it because the people in the images of A’s style are having a great time and it seems very caught up in the moment vs. B photographer more posed, looking in the camera images? If this is a case, you probably like LIFESTYLE photography or perhaps even take it a step further and define your desired style as a PHOTOJOURNALISTIC photography style. The photographer you probably should choose is photographer A because their style is very similar to the style you desire.

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