On The Go

Hope everyone has been enjoying these extended summer days lately.  The sunsets have been brighter and the night walks have been more relaxing with everyone back in school and back to the grind.  I have been taking the opportunity to work harder and develop more pictures that will be revealed in the months to come at an art gallery. 

I have to say I am excited about the travels I have been taking photographing fashion; families; products; weddings; as well as personal shots for my next endeavor.  Lately I have been being booked out of state and have to say it is nice to be in a new environment.  Soon I will be up north in Oregon and Seattle and I can not wait to see what my old city has for me to photograph.

October will hold some new joint ventures with Trilogy Media Company as well as Surf99 Productions.  I am excited about some of the projects we have already worked on together and the new ones that are in the works. Also this month Ginger Rabe Photography will be featured at KSON’s Country Fest on October 27, 2012. We hope to see you all there and have a little down time to enjoy some great music.

Make sure to keep an eye on our blogs this month since we will be giving away prizes to be used towards photo shoots; as well as all my travels I will be on.  Well time to jump on a plane to Las Vegas to go and have a great day of working and taking great pictures. 

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